Coaching is a Calling: How to Know You’re Being Called

Have you been thinking about starting a coaching business? But you’ve been hesitant because you’re afraid that…

  • You don’t have enough expertise
  • No-one will hire you
  • You won’t make money
  • People will judge you
  • You might fail

Well I’ve got news for you, almost every new coach has felt at least one of those fears before they decided to do it anyway!!

Coaching is a calling and if you’re feeling that call on your heart, trust me, it won’t go away until you answer it.

GROWTH – that feeling to always improve personally and professionally, and CONTRIBUTION – the desire to teach and give back in a way that improves the lives of others… are two of the six human needs.

But here is the thing…

Only a small percent of us are driven by one or both of those human needs.

If you feel the calling timo become a coach you are likely one of them!

So how long are you going to ignore that calling?

It won’t go away.

There are people who need your guidance and your support.

I can teach you how to get started, how to find those people who you can help, and how to make great money being a coach!

Together, we can change the world, one coaching relationship at a time.

When you will fill out the application below, you will be guided through a series of questions that will give me a good understanding of where you are now, and where you want to be in your life and possible business.

There’s no obligation to work with me, and not everyone is a good fit. If I can’t help you, I will recommend someone who can. 

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Jessica Perez-Beebe

Founder & CEO

Jessica Perez-Beebe is the founder of Live Now, LLC, a coaching company for coaches!

She’s a pro-athlete, entrepreneur, certified strategic life coach, and recognized expert in mindset, performance, and personal transformation. She works with coaches and exceptional leaders who want to hit their next level of excellence.

Her proven PRO-system helps coaches and entrepreneurs adopt the habits, thought patterns, and performance methods used by pro-athletes to get consistent results without overwhelm or burnout.

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