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High Performers Club

For the ambitious successful entrepreneur or leader who is seeking a program that holds you accountable, mentally and physically challenged, and dedicated to excellence.

Information, Tactics, and Hard Work Aren’t Enough!

To consistenly hit YOUR next level of performance, you must develop the habits, thought patterns, visualizations, and mindset used by elite pro-athletes.

By personal invitation only

Vivid Vision Journey

Advanced visualization technique used by elite pro athletes

How would you like to quantum leap your future in under 2 hours?

A Vivid Vision journey with Jessica is a powerful 90 minutes experience, in which Jessica asks you specific questions that allows her to guide you on a journey into your future self, or specific future experience.

What’s unique about a Vivid Vision journey with Jessica, is that she is gifted at combining the spiritual with the practical …so that you can truly feel and experience your vision, while at the same time see the clear steps you would take to make it tangible.

The PROMISE of a Vivid Vision journey with Jessica is that not only will you experience your vision with great clarity the session, but you will come away from the session having released any doubts or fears that you may have been holding onto about your goal.

Particpants report feeling lighter, freer, and more confident in their ability to manifest that vision

A Vivid Vision journey is for you if:

  • You want to be hooked into a greater goal or vision
  • You want more clarity around your goal or vision
  • You want greater confidence in your ability to get it

VIP Intensives

Fast Track your results in any project or goal you have

How could your current situation improve BIG TIME, if you were to sit down for a few hours with an expert coach, to plan the exact next steps to take (and to avoid) in order to get you the result you want?

How much TIME and research could that save you?

How much MONEY could you stop throwing away?

How much creative ENERGY could you conserve?

It's time to take advice from someone who has already accomplished what you want.

I'll never forget the very first VIP day I had nine years ago with my business coach.

At that time I was so overwhelmed trying to impliment systems and structure in my busienss, and was confused about what steps to take next. There were so many options and so much information...I just needed a clear plan with step by step systems I could follow, and teach to my team.

That's what you'll get from a VIP day: a clear system and direction!

A VIP Day is for you if:

  • You are ready to take action, but need help prioritizing your time and focus
  • You have a specific goal or project you want to execute on now
  • You have a problem you need help sorting through and solving
  • You have a lot of great ideas but get easily distracted, and a structured plan with productivity tools will help you focus and create results

“Jessica has such a gift of breaking down your big vision into smaller attainable steps, by helping you trim the fat, eliminate what’s slowing you down, and get your mind laser focused. This is how she makes the hard shit easy!” – Emma Frowine, Lead Accountability coach