Follow Up Like a Stalker

Being a stalker gets a bad rap. And for good reason when it comes to creepy stuff like mailing your bra to Brad Pitt (I never did that, by the way), or hiring a private investigator to follow the gorgeous woman you met at church just find out what all her favorite stores, foods, and activities are (might have read that one in a book).

But when it comes to your business, I want you to know this:

The best stalkers build the best businesses. 

In other words, those who have mastered the follow up process, which means following up by phone, text, email, social, and in person for those who still have the blessing of building relationships in person… ten, twelve, twenty times until you get an answer, are these ones who have the most success. 

Yup, the fortune is in the follow up. 

And if that makes you feel uneasy or too salesy, here’s another way to look at it. 

It’s something one of my business mentors has said over and over again that has completely transformed the way I approach sales, and teach sales.

“You stop following up with someone when you stop caring about them.”

Wow. How’s that for hitting you right in the heart?

Whether you are a part of a sales team or you are running your own coaching company, this realization could be a game-changer for you.

Now, let’s break down why this simple concept is a total game-changer for your sales game.

1. It’s about them, not you

See, the problem often is that you get so hung up on not wanting to seem pushy or salesy that you forget what really matters, which is helping people achieve their goals.

When you genuinely care about the people you’re connecting with, your follow-ups become about their journey, not yours. It becomes about their success, not your sale.

When you are genuinely rooting for that person’s success, you stop worrying about the one thing getting in the way – you and your ego!

2. Trust turns to sales

You build trust by being consistent. That means you show up every day, or at least almost every day, for your community. And that’s typically done through a combination of emails, social media posts, live videos, free and/or low cost trainings.

And once you’ve made someone an offer, that means staying connected, and following upo, until they make a decision. 

Here’s the thing: If you genuinely care about a person and you stick around through their decision-making process, guess who’s on top of their mind when they’re ready to make a move? YOU. 

Remember, it’s not just about closing deals; it’s about building trust and lasting relationships. When you build trust, by showing up consistently almost every single day, to provide value, call

So, the takeaway? Keep connecting and following up.

In the world of sales, connection is like gold. 

By showing that you genuinely care about your community and potential clients, you’re not just chasing a sale, you’re building a reputation as someone who values people over profits.

So, show that you genuinely care by continuing to follow up until you get a yes or a no. Whether someone invests in your service today, tomorrow, next year, or never… by keeping the connection alive, your business will thrive, along with your reputation. 

Embrace this approach, and watch your sales increase.

If you found this article helpful, please let me know in the comments that you’d like to get more sales insights and strategies.

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