Get Ready to Hack Time: Smash Your Goals Sooner Than You Think

When I set out to write that book, I was convinced it would suck up a whole year of my life. And guess what? It totally did! But here’s the kicker: the timelines we slap on ourselves, they’re all tied up with the way we think.

Just like I penciled in a year for my book, I suddenly realized my next gig could be wrapped up in a cool six weeks. Yep, you heard me, weeks, not months or years.

The Game Changer: The Power of Self-Belief

What lit the fire under this shift? It’s not some kind of magic trick; it’s all in your head, my friends. The real deal is in the power of believing. When you can clearly see your goals, whether they’re a short six weeks away, a few months out, or even hours from now, that’s when the magic happens. 

Here’s a little question for you, fellow coaches: Are you locking in an entire year, or maybe a whopping 235 days, for tasks that could be knocked out in a fraction of that time?

Sounds interesting, right? Think about all the stuff you’re hustling for—your projects, business growth, transformations. Could they really come to life in a year or even less?

Remember this: those limits we see, those timelines we set—they’re basically figments of our imagination. The universe isn’t playing tricks on us; it’s waiting for us to tap into our own unrealized potential.

So, whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro in the world of coaching, take a moment to chew on my book-writing adventure. Embrace the idea that time is way more flexible than we give it credit for.

What we think of as a year-long project could totally be crunched down into way less time.

Armed with this fresh perspective, go out there, focus on your goals, and ask yourself, “How fast can I make my success happen?” It’s all in your mind—a canvas where your belief strokes paint the masterpiece of your achievements.

Ready to discover your coaching superpower and level up your game? Click below and take my quiz.

It’s your ticket to kickstarting your journey to success, no matter how speedy you want to get there.

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Jessica Perez-Beebe is the founder of Live Now, LLC, a coaching company for coaches!

She’s a pro-athlete, entrepreneur, certified strategic life coach, and recognized expert in mindset, performance, and personal transformation. She works with coaches and exceptional leaders who want to hit their next level of excellence.

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