How to Determine Your Mission and Vision as a Coach

Until you learn how to clearly communicate WHY you do what you do, growing your coaching business will feel like an uphill battle.

Here’s why:  To inspire people to adopt a new idea and to take action, you must talk about what you believe and why. When people believe what you believe, they will support your cause, they will follow you, and they will hire you. 

Most coaches instead, are talking too much about what their program is and does. People don’t buy based on stats. They buy based on emotion.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe” – Simon Sinek


That’s why I teach coaches my proprietary process for how to start with WHY so you become vision-driven in your business, not money or market driven, which burns coaches out and leads to inconsistency and overwhelm. 

When you know your why, and you have identified a clear Stand, Mission, and Vision for your coaching business, this becomes the North Star compass that guides you and keeps you on track. 

As result, you have more purpose, more focus, you attract more of the right clients, and you make more money doing what you love!


Hundreds have used this process already this year, with phenomenal success! In fact, I teach this process live, in my Mission, Message, and Why workshop for coaches.

You can get a jump start before joining us for the next workshop. When you follow the steps in this video you will be on your way to having greater Clarity and Confidence in your work than you ever have before!

Jessica’s North Star Finder for Coaches and Service Based Entrepreneurs

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