Sell Like This Sales Accelerator


Unleash your sales prowess with The Sell Like This Sales Accelerator! This dynamic program provides a swift and engaging journey through 12 power-packed audios, each under 10 minutes, offering savvy strategies for conquering sales hurdles. From using client language to mastering the art of sales calls and conquering money mindset fears, this accelerator is your ticket to selling with confidence and empathy.

Get ready to unlock your potential with The Sell Like This Sales Accelerator

Sell Like This – the connected, confident way to build trust and sell your solution with empathy and ease


Sell Like This includes 12 powerful audios (all under 10 minutes) of Jessica teaching sales strategies to entrepreneurs just like you, applicable for any niche. Never worry about closing deals or sounding “salesy” again.

Audio 1: Using Your Clients Words
Audio 2: Must Haves in Your Sales Call
Audio 3: Your Energy Matters
Audio 4: The Why Behind Your Offer
Audio 5: It’s Not About You
Audio 6: Add a Retreat to Your Course
Audio 7: Diagnosing the Problem
Audio 8: Getting Over the Fear of Charging – Money Mindset
Audio 9: Simple Offers to Six Figures
Audio 10: The Fortune is in the Follow Up
Audio 11: Connected Follow Up
Audio 12: Best Holiday Offers

Finally, get ready to monetize your mission and your message with exclusive trainings and live coaching from one of the leading experts in high ticket sales!

Get more YES’s.
Help more people.

AND… get these additional bonuses to elevate your business and excel in your industry.

BONUS 1: Sales Call Role Play – Listen to me role play with a client. This ONE tweak to her script released all the pressure, and it will for you too. This is how easy it gets to be.

BONUS 2: Your North Star Compass – define a clear purpose for your business and Craft a Compelling Mission & Vision Statement that attracts your ideal clients and builds a community of loyal followers you can serve.

BONUS 3: Your Irresistible Offer – unlock the secrets to creating offers your ideal clients can’t wait to say YES to. No more wasted time creating courses and content that nobody buys. Wait until you see how fun it is to create offers like this!

BONUS 4: Your Signature Coaching Method – remove the guesswork from your coaching and create a method you can rely on with every client on every call. No more winging it! Results your clients can count on!

BONUS 5: The Sell Like This Sales Accelerator Cheat Sheet – to ensure you get the most out of this training we’ve put together a straightforward fill in the blanks cheat sheet so you have the TOP 12 Sales Strategies in front of you at all times! Keep the cheat sheet on your desktop. Hang it in your office. Memorize and Repeat them out loud every day.

Don’t let your sales drag you down. Take action this Black Friday and set yourself up for success now and in the coming year.


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