Reasons New Coaches and Online Business Owners Quit

New coaches, which I consider to be less than three years in business, tend to quit before they’ve even had a chance to succeed. And that’s because they get overwhelmed from not knowing what to prioritize, and not managing their stress.

And that happens because of one, or all, of the following:

  1. They are taking scores too soon! To be a successful entrepreneur you have to build a mindset of endurance. Success takes time and consistency. This is why I always start with the long-term vision, and I make decisions based on that long-term vision, not the immediate gain.

  2. They are constantly comparing their step 1 to someone else’s step 3, 5, or 10! I believe one of the reasons I have been consistently successful across multiple businesses, and in multiple industries, is because I know how to drown out the noise, and focus on whatever I am building.

    Here’s a success tip: Stay in the step YOU are in, and mind YOUR own business, not everyone else’s!

  3. They are trying to jump ahead and skip important foundational steps, like starting with a clear long-term vision and a deep personal why. Most have also neglected to prioritize community building and email marketing (fastest & most reliable growth plan for online business), and setting up good systems & procedures to create flow and ease, and avoid overwhelm.

  4. They feel entitled to big results without putting in the consistent effort. This is a huge mindset mistake!

If you see yourself or your business in any of the above, it’s never too late to make an immediate shift. 

There’s a much easier way, I promise you!

The easier, smarter way is to make yourself accountable to someone else who can help keep you on track. This is how pros lead their life and business.

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