Reasons You Want to Quit: You’re Skipping Foundational Steps

Today we dive into the third most common reason new coaches want to quit.

If you missed the first or second reasons, you can read/watch them here.

Taking score too soon and Comparing yourself to others

I often see new coaches and entrepreneurs give up before they’ve even had a chance to succeed. And that’s because they’re trying to jump ahead and skipping the important foundational steps to building a sustainable coaching business.

Here are two of the first important foundational steps you need:

  1. Having a clear Mission and reason Why you are building this business, along with a long-term vision. New coaches miss this all the time! As a result they get stuck in the mechanics of their business, which robs them of their passion and joy for it.

    When you are working from a strong vision and you know why it matters to you, you don’t feel like you’re in a rush to get a result, because it’s a lifelong mission that you’re carrying out.

    If you know your mission and vision are not clear, and you are not grounded in a strong ‘why’, let me help you like I have helped hundreds of new and seasoned coaches.

    Register here for our next Mission and Message Workshop for Coaches so that you can connect the dots to your coaching purpose, and walk away with your unique compelling mission and vision statement that will attract YOUR perfect clients!

  2. Building your community. If you haven’t made a concerted effort in the first few years to really build your community through your email list and private groups, you’re missing a very critical first step. Coaching is all about community, connection and relationship building. Without a community of people who you are serving on a regularly basis, you don’t have potential buyers/clients.

    Keep in mind that social media is NOT where you build your community because it’s not a captured audience of ideal clients. Social media is a necessary part of business these days, but consider it the icing on top; your email list is the cake!

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Other foundational steps include email marketing, having duplicatable systems and automations in place, and a support team, even if it’s just a virtual assistant for a couple of year.

If you’re missing any of these things, it’s likely the reason you’re feeling confused and overwhelmed. But now you know what to do!

Next week I’ll be sharing the fourth and final common reasons new coaches want to quit.

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