Stop Taking Score too Soon

The #1 reason new coaches and new business owners think they are failing and want to give up before they’ve even had a chance to succeed is because they are taking score too soon! ⁠

You are probably taking score too soon if:

  • You find yourself comparing yourself or your business to others online.
  • You’re only a year or two into your business and you’re upset that you haven’t made six or seven figures yet!
  • You’ve tried a strategy once or twice that didn’t work so you threw in the towel and moved on to another, then another, then another…with no real results to show for. ⁠

As a coach and business owner, you must master the art of ENDURANCE. 

The best entrepreneurs have staying power because they focus on the big picture, and they’ve built stamina through their daily habits, to play the long game. ⁠That’s why it is important for you to work with an experienced coach who can keep you on track and remind you to:

  • Stop taking score too soon.
  • Stop comparing your step 1 to someone else’s step 10.
  • Stop trying to jump ahead.
  • Stop expecting results before you’ve put in the consistent effort.

Instead do these 3 things:

  1. Stay in the step YOU are in.
  2. Focus on the daily actions YOU can take each day to hone your craft, attract more clients, and grow your business.
  3. Fall in love with the day to day process of building your business

When you do these 3 things, your business will grow and you’ll actually enjoy it.

If you’ve been taking score too soon, I encourage you today to *reset* your focus.

Keep working on the thing you started. Tweak it. Test it. Improve it. ⁠And keep going!

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