Unleashing Success: What to Feed and What to Starve

It’s time to uncover a hidden gem that’s been right under your nose. You know that saying, “What you feed grows. What you starve dies”.

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Feeding the Nemeses

Listen up. We’ve all been guilty of this. We’ve unwittingly fed those pesky nemeses in our lives – the excuses, the fears, and all the nasty roadblocks that stand in our way. 

And guess what? 

When you keep throwing fuel on those negative fires, they grow fiercer, and they chew away at your dreams like hungry vultures. Not what you signed up for, right?

Starve the Beast

To conquer these lurking monsters, you must muster the will to deprive them of their lifeblood – yes, starve them! 

Starve those excuses and bad habits of attention and energy, and let them wither away into nothingness. Instead of nourishing doubt, pour your efforts into feeding your ambitions, your drive, and your insatiable hunger for success.

Take Action Now!

Now, pause and take a couple of minutes to identify the things in your life that hold you back. Is it fear of failure that gnaws at your core? Perhaps, it’s those draining relationships that sap your energy. 

You must face them head-on and deny them the power they so crave.

My fellow coaches, consultants, and mentors… we are the architects of our destinies. Armed with this wisdom, you have the key to unlock boundless success. Starve the doubt, the fears, and the excuses, and in their place, nourish an unwavering spirit of determination.

Remember, this is not just another self-help mantra – it’s the artillery you need to seize greatness.

Now Quantum Leap!

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