Amateur versus Pro Approach

One of the biggest things entrepreneurs struggle with is knowing how to go from that lone-wolf solopreneur mindset in the beginning of business, to that CEO pro-mindset that actually leads to exponential growth and lasting success.

It’s an intimacy issue really.

The difference between an amateur and PRO approach to business is that amateurs try to do everything by themselves.

An amateur works around the clock, and believes no one can do it as good as them. An amateur doesn’t want to expose her weaknesses, so she keeps people at an arm’s length.

The PRO on the other hand, is more concerned with lasting results and long-term growth, so she focuses on building a solid support system around her that helps her stay focused and on track – coaches, mentors, assistants, systems, and procedures.

A PRO sets herself up to win by being proactive.

It’s easy to identify as a “high achiever”.

My goal with clients is to help them get consistent results that last, and with less wasted effort, by teaching them how to go from a high achiever (Amateur) to a high performer (Pro).

If you want to learn how to prioritize like a PRO and have more time freedom in your day, download this free PDF with my Top 5 Tips for Achieving More by Doing Less.

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Jessica Perez-Beebe is the founder of Live Now, LLC, a coaching company for coaches!

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Her proven PRO-system helps coaches and entrepreneurs adopt the habits, thought patterns, and performance methods used by pro-athletes to get consistent results without overwhelm or burnout.

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