The Power of a Morning Routine

Every high performer knows how important it is to run your day so your day does not run you!

One of the best ways I’ve discovered for running my day is to have a morning routine, where you dedicate the first 30-60 minutes to grounding yourself mentally and physically, and setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Your routine can look like anything that works for you, and it will likely change with time, as mine has over the years.

But I guarantee that if you’re not currently following a morning routine, starting one now, however short or long, will automatically bring more joy, peace, and focus to your day.

Before I Look at My Phone or Open My Email Every Morning

I start every morning with a glass of water. Then I head over to the space I’ve created that helps me clear my mind and relax. In my house it happens to be my guest room.

For the next 30-45 minutes I do some version of the following:

  • I move my body, typically with 15 minutes of yoga stretches
  • I do a couple breathing exercises
  • I sit for 5-10 minutes in silence or meditation.
  • I read a couple of pages
  • I write what I’m grateful for

After that, I go about my day… which typically includes breakfast with my family, then work.

Your routine can include anything you want it to. The most important thing is to start your morning with YOU first. As a result you’ll have more to give to your family, your clients, your business.

If you’ve got a morning routine you’d like to share, please share it in the comments. I love learning new things.

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