What it Takes to Hit Big Goals

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The reason most people find it difficult to hit their big goals is because one, they don’t have a strong enough WHY that will keep them going even when it gets difficult.

And two, they are so focused on the result that they fail to prioritize the daily journey. Success builds when you focus on the step in front of you – that day, that hour, etc.,

Remember the saying, when you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.

“The Juice is in the Journey.” Jessica Perez-Beebe


The sweetest part (the juice) of any big goal is the journey, not the finish line! Once you lose that weight, or win that trophy, or make that amount of money…that journey is over and a new one begins. 

So if you go into a big goal already dreading the day to day requirements, you likely won’t last. 

It takes a Mindset Shift

You’ve gotta learn to fall in LOVE with the process. ⁠When you do, you create more wins, because you are winning each day!

It’s the process and the practice that leads to the WIN.

With any big goal I’ve ever had, instead of being attached to the end result, instead of worrying about how and when it would happen…⁠

I focused on the day to day process — the small things I got to do each day that would eventually add up to the big result. ⁠

Works every time!

Stay in the Step Your In

Right now as I prep for my 2022 Pro Bodybuilding season, this is the process I focus on daily and weekly:⁠

* my lifts⁠
* my cardio⁠
* my diet⁠
* my posing⁠
* my stretching & mobility work⁠
* my ice baths⁠
* my weekly massages⁠
* my sleep⁠
* my vitamins & supplements⁠
* my weekly check-ins with my coach⁠

There’s a lot that goes into the process. But when you break it down day by day, hour by hour, and only FOCUS on the things that matter, you learn to love it!

When you follow this process, your results are inevitable. ⁠

This year, decide to COMMIT to the PROCESS, and watch with amazement at what you accomplish. ⁠

Cheering you on, 


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Jessica Perez-Beebe is the founder of Live Now, LLC, a coaching company for coaches!

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