Why Successful People Need Coaches: Reset Your Upper Limit

It was May 2021, and I was doing a content day in San Diego, recording videos for my community. During a short break I was caught off guard when Zach, the man behind the camera, asked me this question.

“If your clients are already successful, why do they need a coach?”

Although I was surprised, I was also thankful because it’s an IMPORTANT question to answer. And I did. 

I explain it all to Zach in this 4 minute video, right on the spot!

But first, know this about success:

  • Successful people have most of the same personal challenges as everyone else. 
  • Successful people need coaches even more than the average person! (Yup!)
  • Successful people need a different kind of coach than most people.

Watch this video. It could change the way you think about success.

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The clients I work with have all tasted success. Whether in their career, sport, or in personal pursuits, they know what it takes to achieve a big goal. They know how it feels to look back and say, “Wow, I did that!”

Here’s the thing about successful people that makes them easy to coach: We are smart enough to know that we need coaching! And we never get to a point in our lives where we think we’ve ‘outgrown’ it.

That kind of thinking, which I and Steven Pressfield refer to as a “pro mindset”, is why my clients continue to raise the bar in their lives. Because they value personal growth, they are always reaching for that next level to break through. And that’s exactly what we do!

Ready to Create Your Next Success?

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