How to Change Course In the Middle of Chaos

If you desire a change or transformation in your life, but you know that where you are currently headed is not the direction that’s going to get you there, it’s okay.

Here is the FIRST thing you can do to start changing course now:

Change your script immediately; your internal dialogue. It’s the broken recording that is playing over and over in your mind. Telling you that …it’s too late, you’re too old, it’s too difficult.

Recognize that those are just thoughts that you’ve chosen to believe, most likely based on past experience.

So how do you start changing that script?

You start by recognizing that thought when it comes up, “It’s too late” for example, and start to replace it with a new thought of why it’s not too late.

I call this my 2 for 1 rule.

For every one reason that you can’t do, have, become or be… stop and come up with two reasons that you can!

This High Performer Tip has been a game changer for my clients in how they think and operate. I know it will be for you too!

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